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Welcome to JMC Outfitting. It would be our pleasure to be able to take you hunting with us! We love what we do and it will show when we get together and fill your tag with the animal you want. I am looking forward to setting up your hunt and making it everything you want. We will work hard to assure you have a hunting experience of a lifetime. 


It is the responsibility of the Hunter to take care of his own Food, Lodging,Taxidermy and Meat processing

I have a Taxidermist and Meat processor that I use.  They are very good at what they do. They are also very reasonably priced.  I have some of my Taxidermist work on the Website. 

You are welcome to use who ever you feel comfortable with using.


When Booking we will go over all of your needs and wants for your hunt.  50% is due upon booking the hunt. This is a nonrefundable fee   

I will send you a Hunt agreement, liability form and a equipment checklist (Based on your hunt and time of year) Via email. When you send back the forms and the 50% the hunt is booked.  I will then get you in contact with the Guide if it is not me personally. The other 50% is due 30 days prior to the hunt. 

Food and Lodging can be purchased at the following rates

9 Days $2200

7 Days $1700

5 Days $1200

We definitely don't mind family or friends going with you on your hunt. Call for details  

Our goal is to make the hunt the most successful and fun hunt possible. While doing so we want to make sure everyone is safe and that we have the best possibility of harvesting the Animal you have a tag for.  We ask that you are in the best shape possible.  The Rocky mountains can be testing at times. We want you to be able to get where you need to go and have a great time doing it.  


JMC Outfitting does not 100% Guarantee your hunt.  We do Guarantee we will give you 110%  Me and my guides are very passionate about hunting and we are good at what we do!  

We will cape your animal and transport it back to the camp. 

To book your hunt with JMC Outfitting either Call 435-633-3175 or email

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