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                                                                                       James McCutcheon

Hi, I am the owner outfitter of JMC Outfitting.  Just a little about my self so you know who you will be Hunting with.  I have lived in Utah for 30 years.  I lived in a small community in Arizona prior to that.  I have hunted since I was 5 years old.  I have a great passion for the Outdoors, Hunting and Wildlife to say the least.  I have a very strong drive for Hunting big game and put a lot of effort into every hunt that I do.  My wife will attest to that if you know what I mean!  I am a family man and always have been.  I have five children and all of them are Hunters and share  the same passion that I do.

I served in the Army National Guard 1st 145th field artillery from 1992-2002. Honorably discharged as a Sgt. I have been a peace officer/Sgt and corrections officer/Sgt since 1998. I have served in a leadership capacity in all three.  I have a strong since of pride for our country and our freedoms. One of which I find to be my passion (Hunting).  I am very well versed in first aid, traumatic injury,Survival and land navigation all which come in handy while in the field hunting (just in case).

I have hunted big game in Utah since I was 16 years old.  I have become extremely proficient at harvesting big game.  I scout very hard and smart.  I will put the same effort into hunting your animal as I would my own.  It brings me great joy to see a person harvest their first Big game of whatever species. It brings me back to the first animals my Children harvested and the excitement and adrenaline they got out of doing so.  I have taken a lot of "new hunters" out and that often is more fun than having my own tag.  Also their is something about going out with another experienced hunter and the bond that you create that cannot be replaced. 


I am an honest person who shares the same passion as you do!    

Owner, Outfitter 

James McCutcheon



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